If you have small children, try to be an active part of their education and don’t assume that the school has all the educational responsibility. Having a parent as an educational figure will increase a child’s confidence, not only in herself, but in the world around her. 

Life is a Game

Try to avoid head on confrontations by using innovative games. To give an example, instead of yelling at the children every morning and telling them to hurry up and prepare for school, try to play a game where you time the process of their preparations by the second. Each time they break their previous time record, they get a present. Suddenly, instead of urging them to hurry up, you will see your children running to the bathroom in the morning. This is just an example and such games can be played to encourage your children to do homework, chores and many other things.

המאמר מוגש בחסות תאגיד לימודים בע”מ